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8 November 2013

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The Smith Hotel awards:Showcasing the world's
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Hottest Hotel Bar

Hottest Hotel Bar

Here's where things get interesting: cocktail-lovers and barflies rejoice, this is your territory. Put simply, the Hottest Hotel Bar is a scene-stealing headline act.

It's hip (not achingly so) and happening (without trying). In idle moments when you yearn for unexpected pleasures or a great night out, this is the sort of bar you'd want to inhabit. The barkeep's your NBF, and the hotel's signature cocktail is right up your street. Why go out, when staying in is this good?

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Insider appeal

Is this the place to see and be seen? Does it attract A-list clients or under-the-radar tastemakers? Is it a word-of-mouth legend or celebrated icon? Maybe its location is new, exciting or unexpected.


This is a bar run with flair and dedication: staff know their stuff, the mixologist is fearless and masterful, the soundtrack is spun with love. The passion should be palpable.


The world's Hottest Hotel Bar is a one-off – it has a distinctive flavour (and it probably has a signature drink); and whether it's a tropical beach bar or a city-skyline rooftop, its look and feel will let you soak up the surroundings and drink in your destination.


Is there a buzz in the air? Do people flock from far and wide to step through the hotel door? Does the bar boast scene-setting design that gets you in the mood? A big-name DJ, musicians, performers of some kind? Nobody like to drink alone – but in a really great bar, you'd probably be happy to.


The world's Hottest Hotel Bar is serious about its offerings. Killer cocktails are customised and made with a well-edited spirit selection or home-spun infusions; if there's a wine list, it's knowledgably sourced and presented; beer is craft and draught; and all the trimmings (from bar snacks to bar stools) are carefully considered.

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